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What is Setting First?

Verisimilitude, campaign play, and gaming in person are at the heart of Setting First

There is no One True Way to play tabletop RPGs, but Setting First is oriented around three particular approaches to play.

Overview of a Long Campaign

There really is nothing like the energy of an in-person game among friends.

Eighty-two sessions into a Degenesis campaign, I reflect on how I’ve run the game so far, what my players and I have learned, and what the game has given us.

After Play Review of Paleomythic

Lions are no joke, man.

Paleomythic combines tight, elegant mechanics, clever character differentiation, and just enough but not too much worldbuilding.

Gamemaster Goodies from UJ

I know this is random, but I always liked this shot from my time at JOTC in Panama.

Posts on TTRPG worldbuilding, managing campaigns, running sessions, and thoughts on tabletop roleplaying as a hobby.

The Jumbo Shrimp Rule

They are small but big.

Just like our world, a tabletop RPG campaign won’t feel real without a few absurdities.

Verisimilitude & Violence

It looks worse than it is.

My understanding of believability in roleplaying games, particularly with regard to violence, has shifted over the years.

Eclipse Phase Remixes the Future

Do not judge a book by its cover in Eclipse Phase.

The Eclipse Phase setting can prompt thoughtful gamers to explore their assumptions about political, social, and economic structures in a context of wild adventure.

Murdering the Alternatives

I actually prefer my air with more air in it.

On the benefits of making room in my life for tabletop roleplaying by eliminating something else.

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