Heading out of the lowlands on the Annapurna Circuit

Setting First is a rigorous school of tabletop roleplaying theory and practice. My goal with Setting First is to take down the OSR and story games, establishing setting-driven Simulationist play as the dominant TTRPG paradigm.

OK, I lied.

Actually, arguments about The One True Way bore me. I find GNS/Big Model semantic gymnastic competitions about as exciting as watching a professor of Rhetoric grade term papers. I’m not here to rant, build a brand as an Outraged Personality or bash on how other people enjoy tabletop roleplaying.

Setting First is just the journal of an early Gen X tabletop RPG enthusiast who really enjoys dense, engaging settings that evoke verisimilitude. I’m also big on in-person play. So if you’re into finding, absorbing, creating, and playing in complicated, immersive worlds with your home group, hopefully some of what I present will be useful.

If you’re looking for a broader look at tabletop roleplaying, check out Unpossible Journeys, which provides info about a broad range of games, tips for better play, and more. To chat about anything you find here or in UJ, please join the UJ Discord.

Where’s the D&D?

I don’t talk here about D&D or its direct descendants, except in passing reference. Although D&D was my gateway into the hobby, I haven‘t played it in years. And frankly it and its offspring (Pathfinder, 13th Age, retroclones, etc.) get plenty of attention, and d20 classes-and-levels just doesn’t interest me. None of this is a knock on those games. They’re just not my thing.


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